I Lived With My Uncle For 20 Years And A Day Before My Wedding This Is What He Told Me

I am Akosua Acheampomaa and I have lived in Ghana all my life. I stayed with my uncle when mummy died at the age of five. Though I didn’t know my dad until death came for my mother.

I am currently 25 years and I will be 26 in August of this year. As the elders keep saying life is full of uncertainties, I don’t doubt them because I have also experienced it.

A day before my wedding I received one of the shocking messages in life. My uncle I have stayed with for almost 20 years confesses to me. I know he is my uncle not knowing he is my biological father. He told me, he and my mum divorced two years after they got married and he didn’t want his second wife to know he is having a child somewhere. So he decided to call me his niece.

Already I have told my husband that my father and my mother are dead and the one I am staying with is my uncle. My uncle was having two children aside from me.


After he told me I was so confused and I couldn’t tell my husband because it was just a day before our wedding. Now, we are down with the wedding and I don’t know if I should call my uncle and my husband in a meeting and let my uncle tell the story or I should invite his wife also.

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Please I need your help to decide on this. Drop your comment and let discuss.

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