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Those Living In Lagos Should Take Note Of This As Lagos Government Makes Announcement

Lagos state has been one of the states in Nigeria where the rate of Covid-19 is high. Over thousands of people are reported to be infected with the virus. The state government is trying its best to see that the Covid-19 pandemic is brought to the lowest level.

The Lagos State Government in conclusion with the Governor, Sanwo Olu has not relented in providing ways to decrease the spread of the virus in the state.

In a tweet posted by the official Twitter handle of the lagos Government. The state announced how Lagosians should tackle global pandemic.

See the announcement.

They encouraged the citizens to take safety precautions when they are at their workplaces to decrease the spread of the virus.

This information is not only meant for the Lagosians but also for everybody living in the country.

Always remember to report to NCDC any person suspected to be infected with the virus. Helping one person also means saving the whole country.

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