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Lizzy Ovueme aka “Ovularia” is not dead – Chief Zebrudaya

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One of the leading stars in The Masquerade, a television drama series now rested, Mrs. Lizzy Ovueme, popularly known as Ovuleria, reported on social media and some online publications to have passed on is hale and hearty.

According to The Nation, she spoke on phone from her Port Harcourt home indicating she is alive. Though did not speak much on phone, her voice sounded clear and sharp.

Chief Chika Okpala, who acted as lead character Chief Zebrudaya Okorigwe Nwogbo alias 4.30, in The Masquerade earlier confirmed that Ovularia is not dead and is alive ‘because I just spoke with her few minutes ago before your call came in. She is okay in Port Harcourt.’

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Ovueme acted as wife to ‘Zebby Darling’ Chief Zebrudaya in the drama that ruled the Nigerian television screen in the late 70s.

Before she joined The Masquerade as one of the pioneer casts, she belonged to a group called Evil Checkmate House, from where she was introduced me to the late James Iroha who was producer of The Masquerade.

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Unfortunately, despite the fame that came with her role in the drama series, she lamented that she was seen among women folk as an infidel. She recounted how N10 per episode she earned from the soap opera helped in the training of her four children who are now graduates.

According to her, one other challenge she faced was that the role of Ovularia exposed her to public eye. “Anything I did was news. That was a challenge. Every time I am on guard to watch what I say and how I dress. It keeps me in check in the public eye,” she recalled in a report.

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Davies Ofor (Clarus), James Iroha (Gringory), Claude Eke (Chief Jegede Shokoya), Christie Essien Igbokwe (Apena) are among members of the original cast of The Masquerade that have passed on.


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