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Before You Lodge In Any Nigerian Hotel, Take Note Of These 5 Things

Spending the night time in a resort or hotel is a not an unusual place to stay amongst many Nigerians, particularly visitors or most entrepreneurs or business men. Most of the times, we may also arrive sure places overdue and we don’ t have any different choice than to live in a hotel till the subsequent day, it’ s far even now a regular component for young people to stay right into a hotel room and live for a selected duration of time, living within side, just in the name of catching fun.

Maybe after a long and stressful day or journey from one place to another at any of the locations and destinations like Lagos, Abuja, Uyo, PHC, Owerri, Enugu, Kaduna, Jos, Kano, Calabar amongst others in Nigeria, you will be glad to arrive at your hotel and jump on your bed to sleep. This is what most people will do especially when they arrive at their hotels in the evening.

It is not advisable to simply flop down on your bed without checking or doing anything. This action may affect your health and your safety.

However there are things you need to take note of, anytime you want to spend the night in a hotel:

  1. Sanitize Your Room

Remember that you are not the only one using that hotel room. Several people have slept in the room who have different levels of hygiene. Off course, you expect any hotel to have very clean and decent rooms. However, do not conclude. It is better to wipe down remote controls, switches, and even doorknobs.

  1. Remove the Bedspread And Check For Bedbugs

The bedspread or comforter is one of the most used things you will find in a hotel. The high budget hotels make it a point of duty to change their bedspread intermittently while the small budget barely replaces them. If you feel uncomfortable using such a bedspread, you can remove before you sleep.

Check for Bedbugs because they are very difficult to see. They can simply escape when disturbed. Hence, thoroughly scrutinize your mattress and bed frame in order to eliminate these bedbugs.

  1. Check for Installation of Secret Camera And Assess The Amenities

Do you understand you could be watched and nobody could realize, the usage of digital digicam at the moment are broadly in function, so earlier than you Lodge in any hotel, take a look at around, so that you aren’ t watched illegally. Many scandals happening are to such a lot of celebrities are been aided via this means.

You should also check the available amenities in your hotel room so that you know what you need. After this is done, you can then call the reception to request for the other things you desire. This will prevent avoidable runaround especially when you are leaving the next day.

Some key locks or doorways are not functioning properly, and can’ t shield the resort users. Please take a look at them thoroughly and make sure it’ s far functioning adequately.

  1. Examine The Fire Escape Route And Security Installation of the Environment

You do not pray for a blaze in your hotel room. But it is safer to still check the fire escape route, peradventure there is a fire outbreak. You are just being proactive. Check out for secret cameras as well.

In maximum instances hotels aren’t any hidden places, they’ re commonly positioned near the street or police station, a few may also have unique patrol looking over for your safety, but you really need to be alert.

Check out the safety or security degree installed within the area, withinside the hotel you’ re staying also, then conduct their employees for an additionally degree of privateness and security, and remember to report if you discover anything suspicious.

  1. Hiding Spots

Hiding spots are easy places to hide unsavory items. You will not know this but before you let your guard down you should check. You may probably find something gruesome or an intruder. It is better safe than sorry.


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