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LOL! “Yoruba People Are Wasting Their Time, They Can’t Achieve Oduduwa Nation In The Next 10 Years”— Seun Says

Afrobeat musician, Seun Kuti, has said the South-West is not yet capable of having self-government. The activist and leader of the Movement of The People (MOP) called on agitators of the Oduduwa Republic to restrategize and have self-sufficiency plans for the republic.

However, Nigerians reacted massively on Twitter.


See how Nigerians reacted on Twitter below.

@akin: How many meetings has Seun attended with Odua nation people across Yoruba land. People that are even developing their own cryptocurrency incase the FG decides to scrap naira out to make the agitators powerless. Amongst many other things. Alaye should go and rest. So we should stay here till Fulani butchers us all.

He thinks people just start in a day to make awareness about an idea.


@abdulahhi: Even in the next 40 years unless if given in the platter of gold. Yoruba’ s talk too much and they’ re not strategic like the Northerners.

The North have left Nigeria already, they’ re just dragging others to the mould and playing psychological game to mentally drag them to disarray.

@king: Seun please change your dealer, that new weed you are smoking ain’ t doing you good bruh. The biggest failure in human existence, is the ability of not trying things out before giving up. Division is the only hope for a better Nigeria for all.

@tomi: He actually has a point. We can intellectually resolve this issue of secession. Yoruba agitators need to think about the future and plan for what Yoruba republic will look like economically, politically and socially, after separation. Otherwise, it would be disastrous!

@dadadee: What all of you don’ t know is that this family of kuti have been settled for life to ” pray for Nigeria” and always talk about possibility of Nigeria progressing, They are slaves of fulani caliphate, for a Yoruba person to not support his people shows he has lost his pride.

@chukwuemeka: Yoruba nation can achieve independence in less than 5 years if they merge with Biafra. Instead of a separate Oduduwa and Biafra nation let this two nation unit with other ethnicities within the south and break the amalgamtion thereby creating a south Nigeria country.

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