Have A Look At What A Married Woman Shamefully Did With Her Husband’s Manh00d Overnight

A woman has chopped off her husband’ s p£nis as a result of jealousy and hatred.

Her husband was reportedly popular with other women and that made her jealous.


In a bid to solve this, she waited for her man to sleep before she took a pair of scissors to cut the 4- 5.

According to a local news outlet, which reported that the wife later drove him and the penis to the hospital where the surgeons tried to attach the 4- 5 back to its rightful place.

Surgeons battled to save the poor man’ s 4- 5.


One of the surgeons, Doctor Bruce told the publication his team was tasked with reconnecting the recovered portion of the penis.

Dr Bruce said the operation would take them up to six hours to complete.

” The p£nis was cut with scissors so the doctor has to treat the wound and wash the severed part thoroughly to avoid infection. But this will only work out by only the grace of God.

The victim is terribly injured and the blood lot is unimaginable, he keeps screaming after the incident out of pain until he grew weaker and almost dead

” This operation requires the use of special microsurgery glasses and the surgeon must be trained in microsurgery which they didn’ t have accurately at the moment, vascular surgery, ” Dr Bruce told the paper.

The medical team reportedly checked on the patient after 10 days and he said: ” I don’ t feel fine, can’ t walk, nor eat normally, the area that was cut off is now pink. ”

It is also reported that a case was opened against the woman for putting the life of someone’ s son at risk even though he was her wife.

” What belongs to me, I don’ t share with anyone and since I couldn’ t stopped my husband who also loved the act of cheating behind me so I took off the main key that always made him sin as said in the Bible” , the young woman grief in court

The man who is undergoing an unassured surgery to restore his 4- 5 could be seen very weak and at the point of death. His breathe is not stable as well his eye lashes couldn’ t blink for a second.

The doctors have given their words to do all they can not just to save his life but also to restore his manhood which they seek the grace of God
Watch this video below which will put you to shock;

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