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Look At What I Saw In This Bible Verse That Could Make Me Stop Going To Church.

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Good day brethrens in the Lord, I want to share a Bible verse with you. Remain blessed.

The Bible portion I will be sharing with you is Exodus chapter 36 verse 6.

Well, Christians give offering in church. I do give offering in church. I give generously in the church I worship but after coming across Exodus 36 verse 6, I was a bit confused with what I saw there.

Look At What I Saw In The Bible Verse Below That Could Make Me Stop Going To Church.

(Exodus 36:6)

“Moses then sent this order throughout the camp through heralds: ‘Let no one, man or woman, do anything more towards the collection for the sanctuary”. So the people were stopped from bringing any more contribution”.

According to what is in the verse above, I came to conclusion that I will no longer give offering in church again.

According to what is in the verse above, we all should stop giving offering because Moses in the Bible asked men and women to stop collection for the sanctuary.

If you think I am wrong with what I have said, kindly visit the comment section below and give your opinion.

To be sincere, I have been confused since I came across the Bible verse above.

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