I Am Looking For A Wife But On The Condition That We Do Not Have Children – A Young Man

While some are praying for God to give them children, some are saying that he does not want children

Explains the advertisement for a potential marriage partner

A young man claims to have infertility law and denounces the intention to marry any woman who plans to follow his law.

Abayomi Oluwaseun did not explain why he did not want to have children.

He announced his intention to marry on social media and said he was approached by all the women who were planning to marry him.

Although many people have expressed surprise at this type of person, some see it as just his choice.

“I am looking for a woman who will accept my principle of childlessness. If you agree, talk to me,” Abayomi Oluwaseun explained.

The ad has sparked controversy on social media, with some saying the man appeared ill and others saying he was a member of a cult.

In a separate development, a video of a Nigerian police officer appearing on social media where he was seen tapping cannabis in public with his gun.

The video came as Nigerian youths protested against the Nigerian police force for its abuse of Nigerians.

Current affairs commentators say that these types of police kill young people after they are drunk.

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