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After Lorries Carrying Pepper, Tomatoes Were Stopped From Coming To South, See What Is Happening Now

The situation of things in the country presently is getting many well-meaning Nigerians perturbed. As it seems, things are beginning to get out of hand. Although the federal government claim to be doing enough presently, their efforts have however yielded no positive results.

If you recall, some Northern market leaders stopped lorries carrying yams, onions, pepper, and tomatoes from entering the Southern part of Nigeria. Their action came after some Hausa traders were alleged to have been killed and their shops burnt down in Shasha market in Ibadan. Few days after the incident occurred, some Northerners stopped farmers and traders from moving their goods to the Southern part of Nigeria.

Here are some pictures of lorries stopped from coming to Southern Nigeria;

Today, we have visited a market in Lagos state so we could analyze the situation of things.

Yesterday, we visited Mile 12 market along Ikorodu road in Lagos state. We observed, that the market which was normally filled up was scantily occupied. We saw few Hausa men in the market as some traders who came to buy Tomatoes, pepper, yam, onions, orange, carrot, cabbage, were seen looking unhappy. The few available tomatoes were very much expensive. We observed that a basket of tomatoes which normally goes between 3-7 thousand naira on a normal occasion has gone up. A basket of Tomato is now between 17-25 thousand naira as at the time of this reporting. We also visited some shops of retailers selling tomatoes and pepper in the Surulere areas of Lagos State. We observed that the least amount of pepper one can get now is from N100 and above. The tomato which normally goes for N100 is now N200.

When we probed the traders, they lamented saying that things have gone up in the market. They corroborated our earlier report, saying that some Northerners are no longer coming to Mile 12 market again.

Our correspondence from the North also explained that some farmers in the North are unhappy with the situation of things. They maintained that they are running at a loss as some of their vegetables, tomatoes, pepper, yam are already spoiling. They emphasized that most of their perishable goods are already rotten. They however asked the government to come to their rescue as soon as possible.

As it seems, both the North and the South are suffering alike. While the Northern traders are lamenting over their goods, Southerners are crying over the cost of things in the market presently.

As it stands, many Nigerians are begging the government to intervene as soon as possible, they are reiterating that both the Southern part of Nigeria and the Northern part of Nigeria need themselves. We are however hoping that things return to normal soon.

What do you think?.

• Do you think that both the North and the South need each other?.

• Do you think that the South is suffering more?.

• Do you think that the North is suffering more?.

Here are some pictures of suffering traders and farmers;


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