“A Lot Of Men Are Not Ready For Marriage, Women Force Them To Marry” – Blessingceo

Few minutes ago, Nigerian relationship and mental therapist, Blessing Okoro, uploaded a video on Instagram in which she revealed why so many men change after marriage. According to Blessingceo, a lot of men who are getting married today are not ready but persuaded by ladies. She also advised ladies to allow their men to be mentally ready and mature before luring them into marriage.

“A lot of men are not ready to marry you; many women force them to marry. That is why they treat you like an object when they marry you. They act as they did you a favour by marrying you,” she said.


The relationship therapist also revealed that many ladies are getting married to boys and not men, and when the marriage turns bad, they lament and tag men as wicked people. “So many men are not wicked just like ladies complain. Some men are not just ready mentally. They don’t understand how to treat a woman,” Blessing added.

Blessingceo also advised ladies not to judge a man who is ready for marriage by his financial capability: good houses, cars, fat bank account etc. She said that some men still have fears about marriage; therefore ladies should allow them to overcome those fears and insecurity issues while they are single instead of forcing them to get married, adding that women suffer a lot in marriages as a result of impatience.


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