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Is This Love? Or She Is Just There For The Money? Checkout These Pictures And Decide For Yourself

Some people used to say “love is blind”, while some people says “love is not blind”, they says it is just a matter of self determination. Okay, whether love is blind or not, what I know is that there some people who still believes that with love, they can do anything just to make someone else happy. It is been so long that I have been hearing the story of a man identified as Moussa Sandiana, popularly known as Grand P, who finally found love after meeting a beautiful woman identified as Eudoxie Yao, a model who hails from Ivory Coast.

Grand P is a popular wealthy musician from Guinea, who has a rare genetic disorder called “progeria”. This particular genetic disorder, “progeria”, made Grand P not to grow up like the way he suppose to. But despite his physical condition, the Guinea wealthy man, Grand P, is in love with a beautiful woman, Eudoxie Yao, who people used to call “African Kim Kardachian”.

Immediately Grand P and his lovely wife, Eudoxie Yao, announced their relationship status to the world, people started reacting in different ways. Some people says Eudoxie decided to marry Grand P just because she knew that he has money, while some people says she truly love him. After too much of questions from people concerning her relationship with Grand P, Eudoxie later made it known that she and Grand P are truly in love with each other.

But one thing that surprised me which I want us to discuss about them is that, are they really in Love? Is she just there for money or she loves Grand P for real?

These type of questions has been asked from people who also surprised about the relationship between Grand P and Eudoxie Yao. Although Eudoxie Yao didn’t keep their relationship in secret, she always upload a lot of lovely pictures of herself and her partner, Grand P, on her Instagram page. And if you look at their pictures very well, you will know that they are both feeing fine and happy.

My brothers and sisters, what do you have to say about Grand P and his lovely wife, Eudoxie Yao? Do you also think that Eudoxie just there for money or she truly love Grand P? Kindly drop your own opinion below and don’t forget to share this article to your loved ones.


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