If You Love Your Kidneys, Stop Eating Too Much Of These 3 Foods Immediately

Some foods are nice for the body internally and bad for the body externally, and verse versa.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to pay attention to the types of foods you consume and not only the types of food, but also the regularity and the amount with which you eat them.

One of such internal body part you ought to be aware of what you eat for is no other than your kidney. The kidney is one of the most functioning internal organs, and if anything happens to it, the passing waste product will be difficult to do. Thusly, the sort of food you eat will determine the strength of your kidney.

Here are 3 food you should stop eating too much if you love your kidney:

  1. Orange

Orange is of the citrus family, and all citrus family has what is known as a citrus extract. Citrus extract in enormous amounts isn’t useful to the kidney. Oranges likewise have a huge amount of potassium which in huge amounts isn’t useful for the kidney as well. Try not to eat it too often.

  1. Bananas

Bananas are sweet juicy and healthy fruits that are eaten everywhere in the globe. However, too much of bananas poses a health issue for your kidneys. This is due to a large amount of potassium in them. The potassium in bananas can harm the kidneys. Do well to eat it minimally. Don’t eat too much.

  1. Potatoes

Potato is a vegetable, however, because of the amount of potassium it has, it isn’t’ t suitable for you to eat a lot of it. Do well to reduce your consumption of it, and eat it once or twice per week.

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