“Am In Love With My Senior Brother”, He Just Broke Up With His Girlfriend And This Happened – Lady

There are something we like but we know it’s difficult for us to get but we can’t just stop fighting for it. This might be how Mad Love started.

A 17 years young lady while narrating her love story revealed he grew up knowing her brother as a funny, smart and hardworking guy. She has developed the love since her childhood and has never love any guy more than his brother.

This is happening until she gets to secondary school and her colleague asked her why she is single and she can’t give a good reason why beacuse no one knows she has this type of feelings for his brother.

Her senior brother once bring his girlfriend home for dinner and it was obvious that she is jealous of her and she was forced to leave the dining room and go to her room where she started scattering things. She knew This is wrong and she is Scared To talk to her brother about this or her family due to the backlash this might cause on her.

What’s your advise for this young lady. What do you think of it?

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