LOVE STORY: I Am A Shy Guy But, I Have Crush On Her.

I started the jamb tutorial lesson to learn and memorise some trick to pass my exam in a flying colour, but what I saw there snatches up my attention and changed the aim entirely. I saw a girl, her name is Abibat, she’s beautiful, fresh, she has dimples on both sides of her cheeks and her hair fell across her body.

I was with my friend catching cruise when I saw this beautiful creature of God, she drags my attention, I smile to myself, I find it hard to looks away. Pelumi noticed me, he asked me the reason for my joy. I showed them the girl I have been looking, they burst into laughter and say I need to have a Benz before having a chance of talking with her.

When we are in the class, I was saying all the funny things and answering some weird question to makes her notice me, I peep on her and whistle, she looks at my direction and smiles a little before bringing out her iPhone 7plus. I can’t believe she just smiles at me, I am just remembering the smile till I slept that day.

Next day, I try all possible thing to have a conversation with her but no to avail, she won’t want to talk to a guy like me though people always comment about my fine face but am ugly financially and so shy naturally.

When her thought Is affecting my sleep, I knew I must not continue like this, Abi how will I sleep when my eyes refuse to close? I promised myself to pour out my mind in the next day, I see swear on something to fulfil it because that is the only thing that can push me to do the impossible.

I gathered the courage for myself, I wore the best cloth in my closet. I knew approaching her will never be possible in the class because she is always in the midst of her friends. I left the class earlier than usual, I waited for her in the walks way she passes when going home. I waited for like 1 hour without any sign of her, I use that opportunity to revise the pickup lines I have memorised before. I removed some and replaced it with funny words to impress her.

When it’s 6:30 pm, I saw her coming, the fear and the shyness just bump on me again. I feel like running away, I feel like jumping the fence, all the lines I spent hours to memorize are nowhere to be found. My heart is beating fastly ki ki ki ki ki, the fears have already shown in my face. She comes in my direction and said “hello, what are you doing here”, I want to reply but my voice is not clear anymore. “Am waiting for someone” is all I could manage to say. She handshake me and went her way.

Please guys, what do think I can do to have this girl? I am dying slowly.


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