"Lying Is A Gift" - Blessing CEO Explains __Adann - Mc Ebisco "Lying Is A Gift" - Blessing CEO Explains __Adann - Mc Ebisco

“Lying Is A Gift” – Blessing CEO Explains __Adann

Okoro Blessing Nkiruka, popularly known as Blessing CEO, has taken to her page to explain that lying is a gift.

Few minutes ago, the relationship therapist shared her private chat with somebody, as the person complained about how he is always telling lies. Blessing CEO advised the person in question to start putting the lies into writing. Check out the photos below.

However, Blessing CEO further brought it to people’s notice that lying is a gift, and if one can tell lies, he or she can be a very good writer.

She went further to explain that lies are one’s imaginations, fictions, and made believe, and that many people who lie have a lot of imaginations they want to bring to reality through words and not works.

Blessings CEO also explained that if one’s lies become too much, then he or she should monetize it. According to Blessing CEO, some people don’t have interesting realities. So they lie by bringing out the imaginations in their head. Check out the screenshot below to see her detailed explanation.


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