MAD OH!!! See The Nollywood Actress Who Went Completely N@ked On IG Live Video

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Instagram went on a frenzy when Nollywood actress and skit maker, Etinosa Idemudia went completely naked during an Instagram live video session with singer, MC Galaxy back in 2019. The two were trending topic on social media for weeks

Here is what happened on the night of the drama. So, MC Galaxy who became popular on Instagram for his 2016 hit single,’Sekem’usually holds his Instagram live video with fans on Fridays told fans Etinosa will be joining his live video.

Etinosa who started out by producing skits after joining the live video told viewers on the Instalive video she wanted to exhibit her body.

She was saying in the video while stripping;

“I want to get naked. My boyfriend is here, I want him to go so that I can get naked. Guys hold on let me lock the door,” she said, drinking from a glass that seemed to contain alcohol.

“I know that my boyfriend has logged on to check what is going on, thunder will fire my boyfriend because I am ready to end the relationship. I am not joking, we have broken up. Every day, I am sorry. I am tired of living my life for people. I want to live my life for me to be happy. Sorry viewers, I have a potbelly”.

MC Galaxy who wanted to disconnect was slammed by Etinosa. She said;

“MC if I slap you, open your eyes you dey craze. If you cut it (the Instalive video) I will cut you in life. Is it your body? It’s my body I want to exhibit my body. I want to be expressing my body.

“Some people are calling my phone, I want to be happy, my body is beautiful. I am comfortable showing my naked body. I am happy with my nakedness.”

She practically removed everything she was wearing one by one while MC Galaxy and fans who logged in to the Instalive were enjoying the show.

MC Galaxy was however dragged on social media for intentionally continuing the live video even when he knew the actress could not be in her right senses going completely naked while thousands of people watch.

In defense, MC Galaxy said the whole thing was planned by the two of them but he didn’t expect Etinosa to remove everything.

“I need to say the whole truth about this live video thing once and for all. The live video thing we planned it. I and Etinosa actually planned that stuff but I wasn’t happy the way the whole thing turned out to be on me alone,” he was quoted to have said.

“We planned it but we did not plan she would ”over naked” like that. She overdid it when she came on live video.”

Etinosa, however, took to her Instagram handle to accuse Galaxy of“lying to Nigerians”about the occurrence. She maintained that she was under the influence of alcohol at the time and never conspired the video.

“Stop lying to Nigerians. They are not stupid. This is the last I will say on this hurtful issue. It hurts me a lot and you can tell by the harsh stupid way I cursed an innocent child because his father won’t stop throwing it at my face,”Etinosa wrote, in a now-deleted post.

She also had an interview with Inside Nollywood where she said admitted that she was under the influence of alcohol however, there is nothing she can do to undo the deed. She also said she doesn’t think the incident will affect her chances of getting married someday.

“It (the nude video) was (done) under the influence of alcohol. However, the deed has been done. I just had to keep quiet and move on. I can’t explain to everybody what really happened, after all, not everybody is intelligent enough to assimilate and understand certain things. I just had to keep calm and keep my head up high.

“I also don’t think it might affect my chances of getting married someday (laughs). Africa is so freaked about marriage. My dear, if marriage is in one’s destiny it will come.”

On the lessons she learned from the scandal, Etinosa said:“If you must drink alcohol, at least do have a friend you trust, who would be with you and seize your phone if things start getting out of hand. She also monitors you, so you don’t do anything stupid. Also, please know your gauge when drinking. Don’t presume you are fine and conscious of your environment. Simply put, drink responsibly.”

Recalling her growing up days, the Edo State-born entertainer revealed that she was a spoilt child who never lacked anything from her parents.

Etinosa started producing comedy skits In 2013. The skits enjoyed rave reviews, bringing her relative success in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She won the award for Best Online Comic Act at the 2016 Scream Awards.

In 2016, the actress enrolled at the Royal Arts Academy, Lagos, Nigeria, where she obtained a Diploma in Performing Arts, after which she quit her engineering job to pursue a full-time career in entertainment.

Her first movie role was a minor cameo appearance in A Little White Lie produced by Emem-Isong. She has featured in a number of notable Nollywood movies and TV series like Alter Ego, Chairman, Corpershun among others.

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