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Do Mad People Rape? Suspected Mad Man Allegedly Rapes Market Woman

It is baffling how ridiculous things happen and it just feels like no one can do anything to salvage these situations.

As understandably as it is that a mentally deranged person doesn’t know what he is doing and can just do the most ridiculous things, it is not understandable how a mad man who single-handedly pick out a woman from the crowd and choose to rape her.


Sadly, that is what happened in popular Ogbeogonogo market in Asaba, Delta State when a mad man attempted to rape a married woman right inside the market.

The suspect was said to have made the rape moves around 2 pm on an unsuspecting market woman who sells palm oil and other foodstuffs.


A witnessed identified as Janet Agbou said the Suspect who is called Simeon came off as suspicious as his clothing was practically torn to shred. He walked to the woman from behind, cleared many of the bottles filled with red oil, went ahead to remove her wrappers and afterwards allegedly “entered” into her.

“The mad man came from behind with his clothes torn to shred, a clear indication that he was insane. He was talking nineteen to the dozens, suddenly, he grabbed the woman, oil seller, and was ruff handling her, forcing his manhood into her, passers-by rescued the woman and started beating the suspect”. She said

The angry mob was said to have beaten the suspect mercilessly when they got a wind of the taboo.

After getting the beating of his life, the man was later handed over to the police at “A” Division. After a close examination, they discovered the suspect was seemingly insane.

The victim herself who preferred to be anonymous gave her account of the ordeal, saying that;

“I was shocked. Somebody grabbed me from behind and was forcing his manhood into me, I fell with him as I shouted for help. He was beaten mercilessly by an angry mob who later handed him over to the police. I am a married woman with three children. It was the devil’s work. Thank God, it was just that. Please, I have never seen such act”.

When the police spokesman in the state, DSP Aniamaka Andrew spoke, he said,

“upon all the beaten, he (the suspect) did not utter a word. We believed by investigation that the suspect is mad. It is the handwork of the devil, we could not detain him, we only took him to the hospital for treatment”.

Mrs Omashola Williams, the state Commissioner for Women Affairs and Community Development also reacted to this saying that

“Government has come to conclusion to remove destitute from the streets, particularly these insane men and women, it’s painful for a suspect to embarrass a housewife s*xually”.

This is highly embarrassing and ridiculous because on the flip side, what if the perpetrator is not actually mad and is just hiding under that to propagate his evil act.

If in reality, he is a mad man, everyone needs to be careful because they might catch us unawares.

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