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I Made A Blood Covenant With My Boyfriend While We Were Still Dating, After We Broke Up, I Couldn’t Move On

Back in 2018, I fell madly in love with a man named Collins and the two of us dated with no issues whatsoever for so long. However, one time, we had a very bad disagreement that drove us apart from each other for about four days. The two of us mended our issues and so Collins suggested that we should have a blood covenant so that we do not separate ever again.

I agreed because at that point, I did not see anything that would ever come between us to break us up. He then rushed to the shop, bought a razor blade came back and the two of us used to to cut through a small part of our skin. After that both of us sucked each other blood. However, months later after our blood covenant, the two of us broke up and resorted to blocking each other on all our social media platforms. Several months later, Collins unblocked me and I realized that he had already moved on. I on the other hand couldn’t get myself to get over him however much I tried.

Every man that showed any interest on me ended up getting a No claiming that I still loved my ex wishing that one day I would get back with him someday even after seeing that he had completely moved on with his life. One of my cousins approached me saying, You ought to be over your ex a long time ago, your situation is not normal or maybe Colloh did something to the blood covenant that you guys did I think you need to see someone for help.

She gave me Doctor Mugwenu contact and I went to see him the following day. On reaching at his workshop, I explained everything to him and he told me to cut the area we made the blood covenant previously. After that he took out some herbs and rubbed it on the area and told me to sleep with the herb through that night.

The following day, after washing off the herb, it felt like a load was lifted from both my heart and mind. I had no thoughts of Collins whatsoever, I was now able to move on with my life and find a better man who would love me.

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