Madness Or Fashion? Top Moments When You Can’t Tell The Difference

When fashion meets insanity, it is a delight to watch. There’s a thin line between fashion and insanity. Well, don’t be quick to judge. I strongly believe that we will be on the same side after you look at the picture I have for you.

Many ask if it’s fashion or madness. It appears, we’ve imported too much of the negative lifestyle of the Western world into our culture. In recent times, social media is flooded with naked pictures of people which are very disturbing.

In a more straightforward or candid manner, I believe it’s time to stop referring to this as fashion. We are now in a community where immorality is becoming the a way of life and nothing is being done about it.

Together, we can do our very best by teaching the young ones to see the right from wrong. This has its own negative effects on the society. For this reason abnormal dresses must be curbed in our society.


But hey, it doesn’t mean I won’t watch if you wear them, LOL.

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