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Magistrate Court Sentences 49 Years Old American Nurse To 10 Years In Prison For Conspiracy, Child Theft/Trafficking 3 Babies

Magistrate Court sitting in Port Harcourt has sentenced one LOIS CHIKANELE IWUCHUKEU OBAZI who faked her name to be PRECIOUS OBASI to ten years imprisonment for child Trafficking an incident Which took place in 2018 around Omehia School road Igwuruta Community in Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Chief Magistrate, AMANZE in her judgment sentenced the woman three years in count one and seven years in count two of the charges which should run concurrently, stating that she actually bought the three babies which she claimed she delivered in two different days in a maternity home at Igwuruta with the sum of nine hundred thousand naira.

The forty-seven year old woman had in 2018 after she was arrested in a hotel within Stadium road, Elekahia in Port Harcourt City Local Government Area of the state by men of Nigeria Police according to her testimonies before the court that she delivered the triplets in two different days.

But the Chief Magistrate ruled that it was impossible for the forty-seven year old woman to have left Abroad to deliver her triplets in Nigeria and to nurse them in a hotel as she claimed, saying that the Prosecutions proved count and two in the case beyond reasonable doubt but could not proved count three which is unlawful taking away of the children from the parents

Delivering the Judgment Justice Amaka Amanze found the accused guilty of buying 3 babies who at that time were two weeks old babies from a suspected baby factory now at large.

She held that the accused who had checked into a hotel on stadium road in Port Harcourt as Precious Obasi had Checked into the hotel on arrival from American and claimed to have put to bed 13days after her arrival without any medical report of her pregnancy from the airline or doctors who had monitored her pregnancy in the USA before coming to Nigeria.

The court also held that the defendant who at that time of the acclaimed delivery of the triplets on the 29th May 2018 was 47 years old knowing the attendant complications associated with her age could fly down from America to Nigeria to deliver A set of triplets without the help of a Gynecologist and chose a village in I

kwerre local government areas instead of a good hospital to have delivered a set of twins and the third baby on the second day

The court in her ruling described PRECIOUS OBASI whose original name was later discovered to be LOIS CHIKANELE IWUCHUKEU OBAZI as pathological lair that deserves no, mercy and thereby sentenced her to ten years to port Harcourt correctional center.

Lawyers to the accused WOMAN Chris Nwadigo said he would appeal the matter describing the judgment as one filled emotion and sentiments and not circumstantial evidences.

Meanwhile the lead lawyer to the prosecution counsel Anthonia Osademe hailed the judgment and said it will serve as a deterrent to women who are in the habit of buying and selling children from girls with unwanted pregnancy as babies are not commodities to be sold.

Correspondent Anita Ogona reports that the the three babies who were 2 weeks old when they were rescued by the police are now 2 years plus and was sent to port Harcourt children’s home in Borokiri for upbringing.


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