How To Make Her Crazy For You (Do this Now).

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Fact is; A relationship without struggles is not a relationship. People must struggle to get what they want and who they want to be with. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.

Most guys who claim to be in a relationship, do not know exactly whether they are in double ended relationship or a one sided relationship.

A double ended relationship is where both the partners are struggling to make the relationship workout.

While single ended relationship is where you are single in the relationship. You cater for everything.

Most guys are in a single ended relationship without actually knowing it. The woman tends to use you without letting you know that you are wasting your time.

She wants you to take care of everything as she does not care about you. It is up on you to open your eyes and see that you are wasting your time in that bondage you call a relationship.

A relationship is like a business cooperation, where every member must just do the Job he or she is assigned to. You will never find the supervisor doing the employee’s work.

The work of the supervisor remains to be his work. In that case, no matter what happens, a supervisor will not do the employee’s work unless the employee is not around.

The same applies to a relationship, you are never supposed to do the woman’s duty simply because you want to win over her.

A woman’s duty is to give you respect you deserve and follow your instructions. And your duty is always to give her the validation and attention she deserves.

Whenever you realize that, it is you who is following her instructions while she is doing the vice versa, then you are simply failing your authority as the man in the relationship.

Women are always unpredictable, and therefore, it makes it even difficult to make her interested in you if she doesn’t.

Nonetheless there is only one way which we prepared for you that we know will be the best solution to that.

Whenever you approach a woman and maybe exchange contacts, the first thing that runs in her mind is, “this guy is going to text me or call me soon”.

Since it is exactly what most guys do. For a general guy, after picking up the girls contact, what he will do is to text her first and check on her.

Do you know what happens in case you do the opposite? I guess, you don’t.l and if you know, you are not sure of it, right?

In case you don’t call her or text her sooner as she expects you to, like other guys, she goes crazy.

This simply means, if you want a woman go crazy for you, do not call or text her immediately after exchanging contacts, take your time brother.

Let it seem to her like you were never serious with her. Text her after a few days, maybe one week or so.

This will also help to show her that you are not like other guys who text women as if they are idle.

That is how to make a woman go crazy for you. Remember, you need to be different from other guys, just do what most of the guys do not and eventually you win the girl’s heart and trust.

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