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Make Money So That When You See Humans Suffering, You Won’t Need To Pray, You Will Just Pay – Reno

There are people who think when someone is in need, all he needs is prayer and things will start to fall in place for him. Reno Omokri opposed that in a post he shared earlier on Twitter.

According to Mr Reno Omokri, you should try to make money, not only for yourself, but so that when you see human suffering, you won’t need to pray, you will just pay.


He added to his tweet that you should try to be like the good Samaritan. He said that when the good Samaritan saw a man attacked by robbers, he didn’t pray, he paid instead.

Reno Omokri further added that in a time of need, what you need in your life is payer warriors and not prayer warriors.


Many people are reacting to Mr Omokri. Many are not supporting what he is saying, they think there’s a lot prayer can achieve for you, which money cannot.

Someone commented that when a human is suffering, they need more practical assistance. He said that you should note that we are not undermining the importance of prayers, rather the emphasis is placed more on helping practically.

Below are more reactions Mr Omokri got on his tweets.

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