To Make A Woman Love You Forever, Do These 5 Things Immediately

One of the major problems faced by men is that they just get into relationships without knowing how to go about it. All they do is talk, have sex and do other minor things which might not satisfy a woman.

After reading this post, you will realize the basic things that could be done to make a woman happy and love you forever.

The measures are explained below:

(1) Make sure you talk to her very often:

Never get tired of talking to your woman. Make sure you understand her greatest fears and concerns as well as how to go about them. Don’t just do all the talking, also be a focused and patient listener.

(2) Assist her with household chores:

Nowadays, most men just act too big. They relegate the women to the kitchen while they gallivant around acting big. Try and help her with cleaning and cooking. You might not do the main duties but try and be very supportive.

(3) Have a sense of humour:

Don’t be too serious and busy all the time. Try and crack jokes with her. Look for things that crack her ribs and do them. You can send her social media jokes and share some funny and interesting trending issues with her. This helps in building chemistry.

(4) Give her money:

This is an old trick that works all the time. Women love money but most of them always deny it. They can never get enough money. Learn to shower her with gifts and surprises all the time. Wire funds to her bank account even if she doesn’t need them. Buy fancy foods for her at regular intervals. If you can afford dresses and the latest phones, buy them for her. Women love the comfort and run away from suffering.

(5) Good sex:

If you have failed in all the areas I have listed above, please, don’t miss this one. Be energetic and creative on them. Be innovative. Check out good sex styles and practise them on her. Ask her how she enjoys it and give it to her very hot. Do oral sex and long foreplays. Sleep with her until her legs begin to shake and she sleeps off. When you do all these well, she will be going crazy about you even if you are not really perfect.

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