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After A Man Asks Why Military Aircraft Deaths Are Always Southerner, See The Reply He Got From Suave

In just a few days ago, there has been news of the air force fighter jet which lost contact and the Nigerian authorities have commented on the disappearance of the air force fighter jet that lost contact days ago in Borno state while on a mission to support ground troops. The jihadist group Boko Haram released a video Friday saying it shot down the jet, according to SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist activity.

Although the Naval officer who where is the jet has not yet been declared dead by the authorities, most Nigerians have lost hope as they think and feel that the military personnel has already joined their ancestors. This has led to a lot of uproar on Twitter and other social media sites as people are now bringing ethnicity into it. Some claims that those who are always dead in the military operations are always Southerners and are now getting suspicious on the matter, as to why those who are always involved in the military aircraft death are always Southerner.

“This might be a reach, but why are military aircraft-related deaths (caused by BH) mostly southerners?” – A Twitter user asked in a tweet concerning the recent disappearance of the two Naval officers.

His comment caught the attention of Osi_Suave who in his reply to the young man was for the man to remove ethnicity from every unforeseen occurrence that happens in the country. Here is Osi_Suave’s reply to the young man below.

“But when BH is killing soldiers who are northerners it’s not a reach.”

“Why must we always add ethnic coloration to tragedies.”

The Airforce will deliberately risk 2 fighter pilots that they used millions to train and a whole plane to BH

Come on man”

Although the young man’s notice is true, it is so uncalled for to give ethnicity to anything happening in Nigeria now as it will not do the country any good. Others reacted to the man’s question, here are some of them below.

Although the disappearance of the two Naval officers is causing pain in the heart of their loved ones, it is unthinkable for any reasonable country to put the lives of the jet pilots at risk. “Do you know what it takes to become a jet pilot in the Air force? the years of training and experience you need, plus the huge costs and the limited number of pilots” – Osi_Suave asked in another tweet to make his point clear as there is no hidden reason why most time it always the southerner who are involved in military aircraft related death.

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