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Any Man That Can Do These 3 Things For Me Will Get Paid 1 Million Naira Monthly (Fiction)

My name is Stephanie Coker, I’m a 32 years old lady from Lagos state. Working as a district branch manager of Access bank Plc and I earn 2 million naira monthly. I have houses, cars, lands and diamonds with lots of savings and cashed stacked in my bank account.

But even after all this, I still can’t find a man who loves me. I’m a lady with average height, curvy, big boobs, beautiful face, and I’m rich too, but I just don’t know why I can’t find man to call my own. All my younger siblings and friends are married or In a serious relationship but I’m just lonely.

I can say that I am very successful and independent, especially because of my lucrative job so I really don’t need a man who would spend on me. So I need a man who can do this 3 things for me and I’m willing to give him 50% of my salary every month which is 1 million.

The first condition is for him to follow me to a doctor who would do a check for the both of us if we are compatible and can have children and also to check if he has any sexually transmitted illness.

The second condition is for him to cut ties with his family, friends and loved ones and start living with me like he is my husband. I don’t know how to cook so he had to be the one doing the cooking and cleaning while I go to work 8 till 5 every week day.

The third condition is that he needs to be a good musician and guitarist, so that every night before i sleep he would sing for me and play his guitar. It had to be a ritual which he must not fail to do every night.

That’s all the condition, any man that can do this for me will get 1 million monthly because I’m really desperate for a man right now.

What do you think about this woman and her 3 conditions? Can you be the man for her? Please drop your comments and share!!?


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