A Man Who Captured An Angel Entering Synagogue Church Shared His Experience.

Some years ago, a video of an Angel entering the Synagogue Church Of Nations went viral. No one knew the person that recorded the video.

In a recent video uploaded on Facebook, Prophet TB Joshua revealed that he has seen the man behind the viral video. He has looked everywhere for him, but all no avail. However, God brought him to his church again.

According to the video TB Joshua shared on Facebook, the man identified himself as Hezron Konlan. He is a Ghanaian. He said he came to Synagogue Church of All Nations with problems some years back. However, he was not opportune to enter the main auditorium. While he was in the overflow, he asked God for one thing.

“If Prophet TB Joshua is a true of man God, God I need a proof. Prove to me that you sent him.”

A voice told him to bring out his phone and start recording. He obeyed, brought out his phone and began to record video. Immediately, he saw something in white robe, riding on a white horse entering the church. He called the attention of his friend who was standing beside him that day.

When they got home, he uploaded the video on the internet. Since that encounter, his life has never been the same.

Everything about him changed. His character changed for good, and his business received divine turnaround. According to him, he has move from where he was to a higher level.

He urged people to believe and it shall be well with them.

See pictures of an Angel he captured below.

God has ways of revealing himself to people.

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