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This Man Caught Wife With Another Man In Bed. Fear Women!

‘Mungu halali’ and this was the case when an unfaithful woman was recently exposed on social media after she accidentally sent her husband of 5years nudes meant for her Mpango.

According to the victim who identified himself as Kip, his suspicion about his wife’s infidelity was aroused by n**de photos she accidentally sent to him. He dated his wife for two years before they got married. They didn’t have it smooth from dating until the day they got married. They went through tough times trying to convince their respective parents to accept the relationship.

The day she introduced him to her parent as the guy she wanted to marry, her father looked straight in his eyes and said no, he won’t allow that to happen. He had no legitimate reasons apart from the fact that he didn’t like his tribe and that he didn’t look like a man who could take good care of his daughter.

When it got to his turn to introduce her to his parents, it was his mother who screamed; “Over my dead body would I allow you to marry such a woman.” What was the reason for opposition? Like the father of the girlfriend, his mum also didn’t like the tribe of the wife. All through their dating life as partners, her dad never saw eye to eye with him and his mom never welcomed the wife into their home. Below is the story from his own mouth-

“When we finally got married in the church on the 14th May 2013, my mom didn’t attend the wedding and her dad also didn’t attend. We had to do it without them because they were bent on separating us. We had a peaceful home and barely had anything to disagree on. Occasionally, either my mom or her dad would try to come in between us but we had a way of handling them without causing us any trouble.

However, One Friday morning, as I was leaving home for work, I told my wife I had to travel to the Coast after work but I might not travel unless a call came through from my client in Coast that they needed the supplies urgently. In the afternoon, she called to ask if the call had come through and I said yes. I sent her a message around 6 evening that I’ve set off and she wished me a safe a journey.

About thirty minutes later after I had set off, my phone flickered, indicating I had a WhatsApp message from my wife. I didn’t open the message. About three minutes later, another message came in from her, and then a call followed. I usually don’t pick calls while I’m driving so I found a safe spot and parked so I could call her back. I opened the messages. The first message had two n*de photos of herself with a message; “Hello dear, the way is clear now. I can’t wait to have you here,” and ended with the kiss smiley.

Immediately, my hands started shaking and my heart started beating very loud and out of rhythm. I knew the message was for her Mpango! And all of a sudden, my feet couldn’t support my weight and I had to lean on the car. I rushed to open the second message and it said; “Hello dear, don’t mind me. I’m only trying to pull your legs and show you what you’re missing while away.” She was now playing damage control after learning I had seen the message.

This far I decided never to go back to that marriage and I have never talked to her. My friends advised me to teach her a lesson by making sure never will she ever enjoy her sex life anymore. The man who was philandering with her on the other hand was supposed to be made infertile. Friends advised me on what to do. They introduced me
to Mugwenu Traditional Doctors who helped do the rest. I was told, by his friends, that since using Mugwenu, he had never erected again and my wife is living a very miserable life.

Mugwenu helped me, through love charms, marry another woman with whom we are having a healthy marriage with. I am happy”. To find more details about Mugwenu Traditional Doctors feel free to call: +254740637248; Website: www.mugwenudoctors.com. Email: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com.

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