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Man Commits Suicide After He Discovered That His Wife Is Pregnant With Twins For Another man

I don’t know when people will start learning that suicide is not and option in life. No matter how painful an event is to you, that should not make you take your own life. I will even consider the action of this man as foolishness. It would have been better he divorced his wife after discovering this and move on with his life. Now that he have ended his life, his wife will now be free and even stay with the man responsible for her pregnancy.

According to reports, a Cameroonian man commuted suicide in Australia after he discovered that his wife he brought to Australia from Cameroon is pregnant for another man. The most shocking part is that she is pregnant with twins. He has been identified by the name Kenfac Martins. This has really caused a lot of mixed reactions online. Rest in Peace Martins.

As a reader, What do you think about the decision of this man?


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