Man Who Dated 100 Ladies Within 25yrs Reveals A Secret, See What He Said

We live in a crazy world where strange things never cease to happen, the moment you thought that you have heard it all is exactly when another crazy stuff that will make you wonder about life will surface. A man has come out to allege that he spent 25 years of his life dating different women, however, he was able to date about 100 different women ranging from 18 to 36 years of age. This revelation got a lot of people curious. Meanwhile, he didn’t stop there as he revealed a very big secret. Read on to find out.

“I’ve dated over 100 women aged between 18 to 36 in the past 25 years. When I look back at all of them, I wish I had spent %100 of that time working on myself. I could have been richer, skilled, and fulfilled. Women are distractions until you achieve personal satisfaction.” He revealed.

Paul Etwaroo a marketing expert went further to regret ever wasting so much time on women instead of focusing on his career. “I’m 43, and there’s nothing wrong with having a desire but be curious and honest with yourself about the reasons because desires come from a genuine place of fullness, and emotional needs come from a place of shallow emptiness.” He wrote

Meanwhile, his revelation brought about mixed reactions between surprised users who began to troll his post with different comments.


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