Man Digs Out Old Video Of Apostle Johnson Suleman Doing This To His Church Members

Could this be a form of vindication from all the many controversial stories recently made about Apostle Johnson Suleman?

Apostle Johnson Suleman has been all over the media and news channels recently for different negative reasons. After the incident of the supposed premarital affairs with a pastor’s wife, he was dragged heavily in and offline about the matter.

Many who did not even like him at first took it as their hubby to go about writing and castigating the servant of God, he denied all the claims made by the pastor and the wife of the pastor who he was supposed to be having the affair with, came up publicly in a video to clearly state that Apostle Johnson Suleman is her father who has taken care of him much more than her husband.

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Recall that her husband had said Apostle Johnson Suleman has been having affair with his wife and has been dealing unlawfully or illegally into their family matters, he threatened to sue Apostle Johnson Suleman but nothing has been heard about that till now.

Before that incident completely died down, Apostle Johnson Suleman was involved in another social media dragging and name callings after he revealed that he got his third private jet during the Covid-19 pandemic, he said God was still blessing him in the pandemic and according to him, someone edited the video and published the part they were supposed to but out because of the mistake he made.

In the viral video, he allegedly stated that he was praying and wished that the Covid-19 pandemic does not come to an end, because even when everyone else was worried and crying for bread, he was been blessed beyond measure.

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Hours after all the dragging, people have given deep to dig into his archives and being out videos of great things he has been doing without anyone noticing, no one commending his works not speaking food about him, but would not relent to write evil things about him at any small I mistake.

Many videos has been dug out but the one that has been causing so much reactions online is that of the unemployed people on his church, he called them all out and states that he would pray for them and give them money to start up businesses or investments.

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There were more than hundred of them that came out as unemployed graduates and the pastor made sure everyone of this people got money to start up businesses and do other investments, many other videos has been dug out.

Here is the screenshot from the video as retweeted by Apostle Johnson Suleman on his Official twitter account;

This is the trending video of Apostle Joshua Suleman sharing money to unemployed graduates in his church, praying for them to excel with the little he has given them.

He has been retweeting this and many other videos that people from his church are sharing to the world. Has this vindicates him?

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