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This Man And His Girlfriend Were Found Dead Yesterday, Read The Suicide Note He Posted On Facebook Earlier

In the early hours of yesterday, it was reported that two lovers were found dead in their apartment after they allegedly drank a poisonous substance believed to be snipper. The man identified as Emmanuel Evans Okafor and his beautiful girlfriend identified as Amaka Okafor both died hours after he posted a suicide note on Facebook and tagged her to the post.

According to his post, Emmanuel Evans Okafor said that he does not believe that he will for once type a long suicide note, adding that he has been depressed and no one knows what he has been going through for a while now and that he has lost his peace of mind. He said he once thought that money was everything but later realized that money can never buy peace of mind and he urged as many that sleeps and wakes up peacefully to be grateful to God for it is a privilege. He advised the people not to live that their lives alone and they should try as much as possible to put a smile on the faces of others because a lot of people are depressed.

“Nothing matters most to humanity than someone to be happy when he/she hears your name, be the reason for someone’s happiness,” he added.

He said that it is a pity that he has to leave this sinful world this way and that he is sorry to anyone he would disappointed by carrying out such an abominable act of suicide. He said it is very easy for someone to say suicide is never an option and that he does not wish for anyone to go through what he went through.

It is yet to be confirmed why this man and his girlfriend decided to take their lives but from the suicide note he dropped on Facebook and tagged his lover, it shows that they went through tough times.

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Please let us try as much as possible to reach out to those who are depressed, you may save a life by asking them how they are faring. Depression is real and the fact that some scale through does not mean others will have such strength and courage to fight it, save a life today.

May their souls rest in perfect peace. Like, share and drop a comment.


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