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Man Invites A Lady To His Apartment Before Murdering Her Gruesomely


Pulse News reports that a lady whose identity is yet to be revealed has been gruesomely murdered by her alleged date after she visited his apartment. Based on the reports that were gathered on the event, it was learned that the incident happened in Kenya. It was also reported that the police spokesperson confirmed the incident during an interview he had with the newsmen at the Divisional Headquarters of the police on Wednesday.


The suspect who was said to be a Ugandan national and was also identified as Suleiman Mayanja is currently being held in the custody of the police over the gruesome murder of the 25- year- old woman that he claimed to be his proposed lover.


While in the custody of the police, the suspect was said to have confessed to the crime, according to the revelation he made, it was learned that the first time he met the victim was at a popular bar in Kenya where they had a few drinks and became friends. Few months after getting to know the victim, the suspect was said to have invited her over to his apartment and she decided to spend the night with him, however, the suspect woke up at about 3: 00 a. m and gruesomely murdered the victim while she was sleeping.


The suspect further revealed that after he committed the crime, he immediately fled from the scene and the corpse of the victim was later discovered by the apartment’ s security guard. In a bid not to be caught, the suspect sent a cab driver to the apartment to pick up his belongings, unknown to the can driver, undercover police officers were already stationed at the scene and he was immediately apprehended when he entered the apartment, the cab driver subsequently took the officers to the location of the suspect after which he was arrested and was taken into custody.



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