Man Kills An Elderly Palm Wine Tapper, See What Happened Between Them That Caused The Bad Incident.

There are lots of unfortunate incidents that happen on a daily basis and this is another one which has been recorded as a man have been caught for killing an elderly man who is a palm wine tapper in an area in Cameroon.

The unfortunate incident happened in Babadjou today which is March 10th, 2021 after a palm wine whose name is Pa Takon over a disagreement that happened in a farm between him and a boy called Merlino.

As it was reported, Merlino bought some palm wine from the old man called Pa Mason, tasted it and asked for more but the palm wine tapper refused to give him which led to the unfortunate incident.

Merlino became very angry and he took a rod and hit it on the head of the palm wine tapper which led to his death as it was stated that he died on the spot.

Here is the picture of the young man who hit a rod on the head on the palm wine tapper which led to his death;

This has however caused reactions from people who are not happy with the way the man behaved. A lot of people expressed their sadness about the unfortunate incident.

See how people reacted below;

What kind of punishment do you think a man like this deserve? Kindly say your opinions about this.


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