Man Kills Girl Friend And Another Woman, Sold Their Head For #20,000 Naira In Osun State (Video)

This world is full of evil, as we are hearing horrible news happening every day.

The man in the picture above was napped by the Nigerian police in Osun state for killing his girlfriend and another woman and sold their head for #20,000 naira each.

The horrific incident happened at Iwo, a place in Osun state.

According to the assailant, he had just met the girlfriend whom none of her people know as her lover. On the day of the evil act, he lured her to his house where he and his friend strangled her to death before cutting off her head.

Her head was sold for one certain Alfa for #20,000 which they spent lavishly on drinks.

A month later, another woman was lured to death at his house and her head was cut off and sold for the same amount of #20,000.

After they have succeeded in killing the woman, they sold her phone for a young man in their vicinity for #2000, it was the woman’s phone the Nigerian police traced before they were arrested.

Note: The Interview Was Conducted Yoruba Watch Video HERE

At this juncture, they are begging the Nigerian government for mercy.

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