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Should A Man Knock Before Entering His Wife’s Room? People Share Their Opinions.

Hey, as you’re reading this title, you might consider this topic not worth discussing. But relax, we went has far as to compile some comments from social media; and we got answers from different angles. You might be surprised what you learn in the cause of reading this article.

The topic at hand is: Should a man knock before entering his wife’s room?

The first thought that comes to your mind is that, why should a couple have different rooms. Well, we are assuming it happens, now in this scenario, what is right and what is wrong?

Let’s check some opinions online before we continue.


From the comments we got from facebook, some think a husband do not need to knock and others think the husband needs to knock.

2 reasons why the husband do not need to knock:

  • There is supposed to be nothing to hide amongst themselves. Since they have been joined as one in marriage, they become one in all and the husband is right to think he doesn’t have to knock before entering his wife’s room.

  • let’s assume the woman is asleep, knocking will only cause disturbance, when the man can easily go inside and take what he wants or surprise his wife romantically.

Reasons why he should knock:

  • Respect: It’s a show of respect and courtesy to knock before entering anywhere that isn’t yours. As a normal moral being, this should be like a reflex action you do not need to think about before doing it.

  • Privacy: Everybody deserves a right to their privacy, that includes a woman that is married. There may be a reason that they decided to have separate rooms in the first place, in this case the man has no right to enter her room without knocking.

If your thoughts are that the idea of staying in different rooms is ridiculous, what about using different bank accounts? Why don’t they use the same bank account, some couples do it.

Can a man use the money in his wife’s account without her consent? No it’s wrong, so is bardging into her room without consent. The bottom line is that the man is supposed to knock before entering his wife’s room.

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