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A Man Who Has Been Married For 28 Years Took His 3 Children For DNA Test. Read What He Discovered

A man known as Samuel Torji just discovered that the children he has been suffering to raise are not his biological children.

According the post he shared on Facebook, Samuel narrated the incident that made him to go for the DNA test with his children.

He has been married for 28 years with three children. The problem started when his last daughter fell sick and was taken to the hospital for treatment. When a blood transfusion was needed, the doctors revealed after a test that Samuel’s blood did not match his daughter’s.

When his wife was tested, they also discovered that the girl’s blood did not match her mother’s blood. Samuel said he was taken aback when her Genotype was also discovered to be different from his.

At this point, Samuel made up his mind to take all his children for a DNA test. When the result came out, non of them is his biological child. Samuel gave himself for proper examination in different hospitals to ascertain if he is sterile and cannot father a child, all the results came out positive, he is fine and healthy enough to father a child.

According to him, his wife is yet to give him good explanation of what happened, and why he allowed him to harbour another man’s children in his house for years.

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