Man Marries Twin Sisters On The Same Day, Reason Will Shock You (Video)

Wonders they say will never cease to end, and this seems to be true as the new dimension of events and things considered to be abnormal keeps happening in the world and even our immediate environs.

Cases of daughters bearing children for their fathers and claiming they love it this way have been reported, friends killing friends, family killing a member, women bearing another man’s child(ren) for their husbands, and etcetera, have been reported and witnessed by many.

In the case of twins, cases of make twins marrying female twins same day and in some cases give birth to twins on the same day have been reported, but this is very much acceptable and god, as to when compared to that which happened here.

In a video released online, a man gets wedded to two twin sisters, on the excuse that the two cannot live without each other.

The question now is, did he plan on marrying the two right from the very beginning? I would pick a no answer because the other who is pregnant seems like the one whom he actually wanted. Or is it a case of the pregnant twin being more fertile than the other? Nobody knows.

But whatever the case may be, the twin seems to be naive about the fact that marriage is an upgrade from spinsterhood and their days as just twin sisters, and that bond they think they share will vanish with time.

Do you think this is weird?

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Watch the video below:


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