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Man Who Masturbated In A Taxi In Trouble As Omojuwa Places N200K Bounty For His Arrest

A few days ago, the social media was inundated with a disgusting scene from a taxi where a fill grown man was seen masturbating in the public view of other passengers.

The lady who was sitting just beside him was bold enough to video the incident and after that, there was an altercation as the man tried beating up the lady as she called him out and told him to stop the indecent act.

So many social media users had blasted the man for the act and it was also shocking to note that the same man had been seen about 2 years ago, committing the same act in a woman’s store.

This evening, a foremost social media influencer, JJ Omojiuwa has launched a manhunt for the man.

Although a few believe he is mentally deranged, Omojuwa however, believes the man belongs to the prison custody where he should be taught some manners.

He placed a bounty of N200,000 which he promised to whoever can supply any information that will lead to the man’s arrest.

According to the lady, she said when she earlier reprimanded him for his acts, he stopped for a while and later continued.

Along the line, he started looking into her phone and that was where she got angry and the fight started.

Some medical doctors have attributed his actions to a mental issue as he cannot control the compulsion to masturbate irrespective of the location he finds himself.

However, the fact that he is a serial offender and is liable to molest younger girls is the reason he should be locked up pending a mental evaluation and treatment.


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