MAN OF THE PEOPLE? SEE How Sheikh Gumi Spend Millions Of Naira Caring For Fulani People In Nigeria


Despite the various insults and abuse Sheikh Gumi has received from some Nigerians while advocating on behalf of herders and bandits, he has continued to do what is important in society. He has made the decision not to wait for the government, but to put an end to the massacres perpetrated by bandits and herders.

How has he spent millions on Herders?

Sheikh Gumi has spent millions of dollars to care for the state’ s herders, which is noticeable. He performed two great deeds.

The first time he spent a large sum of money was to construct a school for the country’ s herders. He did not ask Nigerians for donations; instead, he did it on his own free will and with his own money. We all know that constructing a school costs over a million dollars (land, construction materials, school boards, and desks).

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has christened the Sheikh Uthman Bin Fodio Centre, a school he established for Kaduna’ s herders.

The Sultan Mosque Foundation Ltd funded the school, which is located at Kagarko Grazing Reserve near Kohoto village woodland in Kaduna State.

The center, he claims, is intended to teach herders and would be copied across the country.

Another way Gumi has spent money to care for herders is by providing free medical treatment. He decided to give some Herders free treatment and medical checkups because he was a medical practitioner.

He led a group of medical personnel and Islamic preachers to a Fulani hamlet in Kogi state, where free medical care was provided. We are all aware of the costs of medical treatment and medications.

Gumi, in my opinion, has performed admirably and should be admired by many in our community. He said he’ s doing it to put a stop to bandit activity, and I believe his strategy is succeeding. He has demonstrated that violence is not the only weapon available to combat terrorism in the United States.


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