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Man Preaches At Computer Village Ikeja, Succeeds, Tout Gives Him N100 For Water

A young man with the Twitter handle @gabgriel_specter has taken to the platform to speak about how he succeeded in preaching the word of God.

He said that he went to Computer Village at Ikeja and preached the gospel. According to him, immediately he was done, a tout walked up, said he was touched, and gave him N100 for water.

@gabgriel_specter said that the man told him he was blessed by the word. Gabrieel said that though he has been struggling to engage in evangelism, he will not be stopping going by the success he achieved.

Read his post below:

People said he should not have called the person a tout. Photo source: @gabriel_spectre

Below are some of the reactions to his post:

@dollypounds10 said:

“Anyone that says the gospel is overrated, I don’t know what to say. I see that’s why a lot of people commit suic*de. We need to intensify the gospel of Jesus. To tell them about the love of Jesus Christ. When people understand the love of Christ. The depression will be far away.”

@a_taoriox said:

“I think the reason he used the word “TOUT” to address the person is to know to kinda person who was listening to him and eventually gave him a token. If the person isn’t a tout , he wouldn’t have addressed the person as tout!”

@To_Lisah said:

“Omo! This is spectacular! I remember the day I preached on the bus and the driver packed the bus to listen. Everyone was just saying thank you after I was done. There’s never a time that someone isn’t thankful to hear the good news. This year, we do 10x more!”

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