Are You A Man Ready To Settle Down? Here Is How To Approach Any Lady And Win Her Over

The key to what to say to a girl when you want to win a girl’s heart is qualifying. Let’s face it: Deep down, a lot of us feel like we’re not all that great. One way to make someone think you’re great is to tell them that they are. However, we don’t do this through blanket, unearned praise. On the contrary, the only way to qualify someone — to say to them in whatever way is best way possible that they’re all right by you has to be sincere.

  1. Be Her Friend

Be her friend and confidant. Be there for her when she talks to you about her worries or problems. Be a good listener and give good advices. It is nice to have a friend we can talk to about anything and everything.

  1. Before you send your post, pick a task to ask her to do. Instead of being vague and telling her to just “hang out” or what she’s up to that weekend, choose something fun you think you’d both enjoy.

Keep the text brief, sweet, and accurate. Send her a message like, “Hey Kate, I think you’re really cute,” something that says something easy. And don’t let the quick text message that you’d send look dull to her, and don’t forget to make it romantic as well.

  1. Accept her response, and even if she turns you down, respond quickly. It’s going to make her understand that you’re very interested in her, and that will raise her ego as well. Many women like it because it lifts their ego.

  2. Confidence is key man looking back to woman on the street Girls notice these things more than you know.

If you approach this girl with your hands shaking and your voice cracking at the very beginning of the conversation, it’s most definitely not going to leave a good impression.


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