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Man Recounts How He Survived After Been Shot Twice & Thrown Into River Niger By SARS

A Nigerian man has recounted how he survived death after he was shot twice and his body thrown into River Niger by men of SARS in Awkuzu, Anambra State.


The Nigerian identified as Okeke Andrew Chima made the revelation under a post on a Popular Facebook group, Igbo Rant HQ which alleged former Awkuzu SARS boss identified as James Nwador as more dangerous than Shekau.

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The post attracted many comments which some of them revealed the most vile atrocities committed by SARS under the charge of the Mr. James Nwafor who hails from Ebonyi state.READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

According to Chima, he was caught by his boys along Newparts and taken to Awkuzu where he was asked to pay N500,000 but his family couldn’t raised the money. That night, he was brutally beaten and Mr Nwafor man threatened he will kill him and nothing will happen.READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

He responded to his threat by saying ” he whoGod says he will live must live no matter the consequences”.

His response infuriated Nwafor and he ordered his boys to take him out and kill him and in case he survives, throw him inside River Niger.


Getting to River Niger through main market side where tippers normally packs sharp sand, they shot at him twice.

He went to narrate that he passed out only to wake in canoe with some men who asked him questions he couldn’t reply then. They told him they saw him floating in the river and mistook him for being dead and they wanted using his body parts for ritual.

The men who rescued him then took him to hospital but the they requested for police report. The hospital was told how they found him floating in the river. With that said, they treated him and discharged him later in the afternoon the next day.

One of the ladies working in the hospital told him to find his way out of the area before the men who shot at him come back looking. She directed him how to get to the main road by avoiding the main street. It was how he escaped alive to his uncle living in GRA.

His near death experience resonated with some of the people who shared more revealing stories of the travesty that happened by the men of Awkuzu SARS, accusing them of brutality and killing suspects and even selling their parts for rituals.

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The many atrocities allegedly committed by Mr. James Nwafor and his boys in Awkuzu should be thoroughly investigated and victims both dead and alive compensated. This mustn’t be swept under the carpet.

Please you owe the victims of alleged abuse and killings by Mr. James Nwafor the duty of sharing this until it gets to the proper authorities for prompt investigations to be carried out.

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