A Man Saw A Hole At His Backyard And Set A Trap But He Caught This Animal

I was working at my backward, and I saw a hole, I was scared what kind of animal could be in it, I decided to block it. My fear was let it not be a snake that lives in it.

Two weeks later, I was surprised to see another hole at my backward, I discussed it with my neighbour. He told me to get a trap at the market which I did. I set the trap for four days but I caught nothing, so I removed it but my neighbour told me to keep trying.

One week later, I set the trap hoping what is inside the hole would be caught, but after two days, I still caught nothing. I was frustrated but I was very sure something was inside the hole, and never gave up and decided to set the trap again. To my greatest surprise, I came early in the morning by 5:30am to check my trap, I saw that the trap had caught a rabbit.

I called my neighbour, we killed it and used it for pepper soup. I was able to close the hole, and since then I have not seen any other hole at my backward. My happiness is that it was not a snake. I would had left it in the trap and starved it to death. Please whenever you see such hole, don’t take it for granted because I remembered sometime ago, my friend saw snake came out from such hole, and killed it. Please share to people for safety.

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