Man Shares How He Tested The Girl He Wanted To Marry And How She Failed

A Facebook user known as Berry Smart shared how he disguised himself to test the girl his mother found for him, and how the girl failed his test on Facebook.

According to him, his mother has been disturbing him about a particular girl she wanted him to marry. One day, he decided to travel down to the village to see the girl. Immediately his mother set her eyes on him, she sent for the girl.

The girl is very pretty, light skinned, tall and well structured. She is everything thing Berry needs in a woman as far as physical appearance is concerned. He did not waste time to reveal the reason why she was sent for to her. He also shared some things she needed to know about him with her.

They exchanged phone numbers and began to court. Berry thought it wise to upgrade her phone to android. The girl received the phone with joy. She began to ask when she would visit him. Berry told her that he will invite her when he is ready.

The impulse to test her came when he saw her on Facebook. He decided not to send a friend request to her with hope that she did not know that he has seen her. However, she called him one day to tell him that she saw him on Facebook.

Berry narrated that the number of male friends in her friends list is alarming. He created another Facebook account, used a man’s picture as his profile picture and sent her a request. She accepted the friend request immediately without trying to know who he was.

They started chatting. Her new Facebook friend told her that he lives in Onitsha. She also told the new Facebook friend that her man lives in Onitsha too, that she will pay him a visit whenever she comes to Onitsha to see her man.

Berry sends money to her for her upkeep every week, and each time he does, she cuffs out little from it, buy recharge card and send it to new Facebook guy. Soon, she began to fall in love with the Facebook guy.

The girl told her Facebook guy that she loves him more than the man that wants to marry him. Her new guy told her to prove to him that she loves him by coming to Onitsha to see him.

According to Berry, the girl started disturbing him that she wants to come and see him. Berry sent money to her. Immediately she dropped down at Nkpor park, she sent a text message to the Facebook guy that she has arrived before calling Berry to come and pick her.

All the while she was in Berry’s house, she kept trying to reach the Facebook guy on phone. Berry, who is also the Facebook guy decided to mute her. She resorted to text messages. She sent a lot of romantic text messages to her Facebook friend, Berry ignored all.

When she got back to the village, Berry cut all communications with her. She reported him to his mother, who summoned him to the village.

Berry explained all that transpired between he and the girl to his mother. She showed her all the text messages she has been sending to him, thinking she was sending it to her Facebook friend.

While Berry thinks he did the right thing by testing her to know the kind of person she is, his mother thinks otherwise.

Who is the cause of the breakup, Berry or the girl? Share your opinions in the comments section below.


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