Man Sleeps With 57 Women In 24hrs, What Happened After Was A Disaster

With regards to breaking records, individuals are never going to budge on danger everything, the things individuals do are unique sometimes while the vast majority don’t uphold the activity.

Getting your name placed in the Guinness Book of Record, you must have done an extraordinary thing just like this man in the photo below who’s name was placed in the Guinness Book of Record for successfully laying with 57 women in Singapore. He is the only man with that kind of record, laying with 57 women a day.

According to reports, this man who broke the record of sleeping with the highest number of women in the world is just 34 years old, beating an American man who was holding the highest record of sleeping with 55 women in 24hrs in past years, which was 1983. It was also said that most other men have tried it but failed to beat the record till him.

In this process, there are also conditions that prohibit any challenger from the intake of medical boosters.

When the whole thing was in motion it was reported that the man was moving fats as he has already finished with 29 women in the noon, breaking the first record.

According to one of the journalists who spoke with the man, the Singapore man said,“I started to get a bit of a cramp around then, but luckily, we had a physiotherapist on hand to give me a massage, which helped out.”

Reports continue to have it that just shortly before 11 pm, the man had completed his 56th session and he impressed officials on his decision to add one more woman bringing the total tally to 57.

However, as soon as he finished his 57th partner, he was rushed to the hospital for treatment to his manhood. It was termed as a clearly risky record to break.


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