Any Man That Sleeps With Me Dies In 15 Days, Read My Story And Learn

It appears you no longer take stories from the general public. You haven’t posted in a while. Please don’t relent, keep up the good work. You are changing lives.

I always get unsolicited messages from strangers. They just want to have sex with women without any knowledge of the spiritual dangers and implications involved.

I lost my virginity 6 years ago. The person who deflowered me died 15 days after having sex with me. He just fell sick and then over two weeks later, he was gone. I cried bitterly but later moved on. A year later, I started seeing another young man. I delayed having sex with him till after 8 months. One day, it finally happened and it was so enjoyable. He was so big down below and I looked forward to more private moments with him. This continued with lovely memories created. On the 13th day after we had the first sex, he started complaining of headache and dizziness. I felt he was going to get better and I even gave give some drugs. Things worsened the next day and on the 15th day, he was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

From that moment, I sensed there was a problem with me. I was scared to go into another relationship. I was single for a long time and I stayed celibate. I pleasured myself with toys instead. In 2019, I was raped by my boss in the office. It was a painful experience and I couldn’t share with anybody. I stayed away from him as I nursed my pains. About two weeks later, I received a mail from the office that he suddenly dropped dead. I calculated the days and I realized it happened on the 15th day after the crime. Unlike others. I didn’t feel bad for him. He was a terrible man. I only feel for his small children.

A powerful spiritualist has told me in Ilorin that I have an evil and jealous spiritual husband. We have been performing rituals and I have been told I will be free soon. Please, stop sleeping with whosoever you see. Many talented heads have mysteriously died from forces linked to sexual encounters. I have heard many stories like that of late. I urge everybody on MORE and outside of the app to be decent. Tame your manhood before it puts you into undeserved trouble.

I pray my story is published by the editor. Good night everybody! Please remember to always pray for me. I am going through so much right now but my victory is close.


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