Man In Tears Seeing The Conversation Between His Girlfriend And His Best Friend (Watch Video)

A video has since emerged on the internet which involves a Ghanaian young man weeping like a day-old baby after listening to a conversation that ensued between his girlfriend and his best friend.
Many boys are told while growing up to man up as they must not be seen crying, but some heartbreaking circumstances make them ignore all advice and give in to their human nature to cry.

Men in love also get deeply hurt and heartbroken like ladies and cry uncontrollable tears. Such is the case of a Ghanaian man simply identified as Kofi.

In the video making rounds on social media, the young man sat down as the recorded phone call was played to him, during which he burst out in tears.

One of Kofi’s friends,, who was by him, tried to comfort the brokenhearted man but Kofi was too emotional to calm down.

In the conversation, the lady named Araba revealed to Eric, Kofi’s close friend, that she had left Kofi long ago but was waiting in the relationship for him to help her finish her course.

Araba was heard begging Eric to come over to her place for them to have fun like they usually did when Kofi was not around.

Eric tried to stop Araba, saying that what they had been doing behind her boyfriend was really bad and they could get caught soon but the lady was insistent until Eric decided to visit her once more.

By the time Kofi listened up to this point, tears were flowing from his eyes like rain.

Watch the video below;


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