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After A Man Took A Lady Home To Spend The Night With Him, See What Happened To Her That Got Reaction




A man whose Facebook username is MC Ligeon has disclosed in a Facebook group that, something tragic happened to the lady his neighbour took home yesterday.

One common thing that happen amongst most young ladies and men these days is “flirting”. Some people call it ” fun”. More often than not, some young men go for girls hunting in their neighborhood. It would be nice and good if after “catching” the target, they get serious with the ladies, and have a serious relationship with them. On the contrary, the last thing such young men have in mind is relationship.

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(Picture of the man who disclosed the incident)

Even though some men may not realize the danger involved in the act of carrying a random lady to spend the night with them, there are some risks involved. In fact, the risks are mostly dual.

Considering the ceaseless occurrence of evil acts in our modern day society, in the area of money ritual and human sacrifices, ladies are supposed to be extra careful by taking their time to know some vital information about any man they want to go out with but they have ended up throwing caution to the birds in the air.

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According to what the male Facebook user displayed few hours ago on Facebook, his neighbour brought a lady home yesterday to spend the night with him but something happened after that. It was discovered that, the lady died in his room in the night.

“My neighbor brought a lady home yesterday, and she died over night in his room 😭😭”

The story which appear a bit shocking and devastating didn’t go unnoticed by the group members. Some of them took to the comment box to express their feelings on the incident that happened. Check the screenshots below to see some of their comments:

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Even though the cause of the death was not revealed, what do you think would have led to the cause of the lady’s death? And what do you think will happen to the man that took her home? Let’s rub minds in the comment box.

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