Man Uses His Girlfriend's Backside As Punching Bag While Training (watch video) - Mc Ebisco Man Uses His Girlfriend's Backside As Punching Bag While Training (watch video) - Mc Ebisco

Man Uses His Girlfriend’s Backside As Punching Bag While Training (watch video)

One of the most bizarre and lovely videos you’re going to see on social media today is of a man who uses his girlfriend’s backside as a punching bag, and it’s definitely worth seeing.

Man, who some believe is a boxer or a fitness trainer, placed his girlfriend on top of a little table so that her posterior was directly facing him. He also had boxing gloves on his hands, which he used to defend himself.

He was punching the lady in the backside when his dog came running over to separate them, thinking it was a fight. He was thrown to the ground. However, he managed to frighten it away and continue his training.

While this is occurring, it is not the first time anything like to this has occurred. A fitness instructor in Nigeria gained notoriety a few years ago for using a lady’s backside as a punching bag during his workout. The video quickly went viral.

While some individuals thought it was disrespectful, others thought it was beautiful. So, what are your thoughts?

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Watch the video below;


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