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Many Muslims Believe This Floating Stone To Be A Miracle From Allah, But Here’s The Main Truth

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According to some rumours, the photo above shows a huge rock that floats every year in April after a miracle occurs in Saudi Arabia. But is the image true or false?

This pictures of the floating rock are one of the most popular photos on the Internet, especially among Muslims.

This rock is referred to as the flying rock, floating rock, or rock in Jerusalem, among other names. Many believe that this is a miracle of Islam.

This Photography has been circulating on the web since 2010 and, since then, it has always reappeared on various blogs, websites and social networks. In it we can see a huge rock floating 11 centimeters above the ground.

According to some of the versions that accompany the image, in 1989 a criminal had hidden behind this stone and it (as if by a miracle) rose from the ground, revealing the fugitive’ s feet– who was found and killed right there.

From that day on, according to what the text says, the phenomenon of levitation occurs once a year, always in April and is proof that miracles exist.

In another version that appears on the internet, the miracle stone is located in Jerusalem! Some muslims also believe is a miracle from Allah

Look at the photo below and find out if it is real or fake:

True or fake?

The photo is fake. The underside of the rock has been digitally tampered with.

The huge rock is located in Al- Ahsa (east of Saudi Arabia) and is actually supported by three smaller stones that leave the boulder above the ground, as we can see in the image below:

Phenomenon caused by erosion

Although we didn’ t find the original photo used in the montage, I found some blogs that show other images of the same stone from different angles. An example can be seen in the photo above.

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Altered photo! There are no miracles in the image. Anyway, the rock formation is very curious.


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